Survival Tips From The TSP Community | The Survival Podcast [LISTEN]

Survival Tips From The TSP Community | The Survival Podcast [LISTEN]

For a few weeks now I have been asking you guys for “life hacks” and my in box was flooded with them. Today we go over about 100 of the best of them. Not all were used but many of them were.

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Survival Tips For Preppers


These are all little ways to make your life just a little better, save some money, save time, fix something broken, etc. Most of us have quite of few of these in our lives. Most are simply picked up over time. Sometimes we learn them from family or friends but many we simply stumble upon.

My hope for today’s show is to make it a “force multiplier” of sorts. By tying into the community and crowd sourcing these ideas you will learn more life hacks in about an hour then most people learn over a decade. Since they come from our community unlike a lot of cheesy articles on the internet you can also bet they also work.

Some of these you will have heard before, some you will find really amazing and more then a few will make you wonder, why the heck you never thought of them yourself.

What are your tips for survival as a prepper? Share them in the comment section below.

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