DIY Bow and Arrow | Follow These Simple Steps

DIY Bow and Arrow | Follow These Simple Steps

In the absence of guns, a DIY bow and arrow could be the meal ticket to your, well, next meal. You’ll also be surprised to know how easy it is to build one. On your next hunting trip, you would be literally killing it like Hawkeye.

Here’s the detailed six-step guide:

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Making A DIY Bow and Arrow in 6 Easy Steps

Things You’ll Need:

  • six to seven feet long dried bamboo cane
  • four feet long, 3/8-inch diameter bamboo shafts
  • nylon string
  • used rubber tire interior
  • wood glue
  • 150-220 grade sandpaper

Tools You’ll Need:

  • hacksaw
  • hatchet knife

Note: The thickness of the bamboo cane walls should not be less than an inch. Also, make sure that its color is yellowish. If it looks pale, this means that the bamboo is of low quality.

Step 1: Build the Bowbamboo bow making in progres-diy bow and arrow

Using a hacksaw, split the cane into two halves. Then take one of the split pieces and with your hatchet knife, trim the sides. When done, narrow it down to a width of two inches. Next, carve your bow’s front profile to at least two inches in the middle.


  • From the middle, the bow should taper down to an inch on both tips.
  • Carve a slot for the bowstring on each tip.
  • Smoothen the edges with sandpaper.

Step 2: Make the HandleClose-up of two archery bows made of wood called longbow on a blurred landscape-diy bow and arrow

Get a one-foot-long wooden stick with a one-inch diameter. With a knife, taper its ends so it would fit the bow’s middle part. Once the stick fits the handle, glue it together.

Tip: To secure it further, wrap the handle with used tire interior strips.

Step 3: Attach the Bowstringtraditional and medieval wooden bow, old and weathered, small arms lying on the table-diy bow and arrow

Tie the nylon string at both ends. Check for slack then tighten it. Then make sure it fits the slot on both tips of the bow. This type of bow is excellent for hunting small games like possums or rabbits.

Note: If you want a more powerful bow, you can use a thicker bamboo cane.

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Step 4: Prepare the ShaftFresh bamboo stacked showing holes or rings-diy bow and arrow

Get some bamboo shafts. Finding a super straight shaft is ideal. But if what you got is slightly bent, straighten it up by applying heat. If you think the shaft is straight enough, use a blower or a fan to cool it down.

Step 5: Carve the ArrowheadIndian Arrowhead on a wooden background-diy bow and arrow

Once your shaft is locked into shape, fill both hollow ends with marine epoxy or wood glue. Afterward, let it dry for at least an hour. For the pointed head, fashion it using a knife. Finally, smoothen everything with sandpaper

Step 6: Make it AerodynamicClose up of arrow heads-diy bow and arrow

This is the final touch to make your arrow ready for action. Using wood glue, attach the feather to the arrow’s tail. Similarly, you can use nylon string to further secure it.


  • Feathers are available in hobby stores.
  • You can also get them for free from poultry farms.

Now, your DIY bow and arrow is ready to use. Remember, safety first before everything else. Enjoy!

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How about learning how to make different survival arrow heads? Watch this video below:

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